Ocean of Awakening 33 minutes

by Alex Jacobs

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Composed by Alex Jacobs, therapeutic musician and certified sound healer.

(Best enjoyed through headphones or through a quality sound reproduction system)

Waves crash against the shore as a soothing drone cycles in the background at the rate of a full and relaxed breath.

You are welcome to listen to this online for free as many times as you like (at lesser playback quality). There is only a small fee only for downloading the track to your own computer to burn to a cd or use in a mp3 player.

If you don't find the sounds soothing, sometimes it can take a few minutes to "entrain" to the sounds.

One final note on the timing of the recording. Why was 33 minutes chosen? Because it is a multiple of 11. In some spiritual traditions, 11 minutes correlates to time of a cycle of concentration for the mind and nervous system. So 33 minutes allows the mind to cycle deeper and deeper into relaxing concentration 3 times. You may start to notice these cycles for yourself when you practice for the full duration of the recording.

May this recording benefit all beings on our journeys towards peace, wholeness, and respect for all life.

Alex Jacobs, CMP cSVMH
Certified Music Practitioner, Soundscaper, and Certified Sound Voice Music Healer

(Important- If you notice any sound "distortion" during playback from this web page, it is only a problem with the low quality "streaming" version of this track that you hear on the web site only. Your downloaded file will be much higher quality and will sound excellent and free of distortion).


released July 9, 2011
Alex Jacobs, CMP



all rights reserved