Shruti Box Drone 6 minute sample

by Alex Xander Jacobs

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Sigyl Thank you for this sample! I have been intrigued by shruti boxes for some time now and would love to have one. This sample was enough to convince me I do indeed need one for my healing voice work and meditation.
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About this track: Performed by Alex Jacobs, therapeutic musician and certified sound healer.

This is a 6 minute segment of the actual recording. It is offered for a donation of your choice. Please download it and listen to it while you work, commute, do yoga, or as part of your meditation routine. If you find it calming and focusing, please consider listening to the full 55 minute version:

There is now also an album that features all 12 keys (notes) of the instrument at:

You are welcome to listen to it online for free as many times as you like, and you may download the track to your own computer to burn to a cd or use in a mp3 player.

(Best enjoyed through headphones or through a quality sound reproduction system)

This is a professional recording of a live performance of a Shruti Box drone. The drone is imbued with the spiritual intentions of the performer, which include prayers for well being, mantras for purification and protection, and prayers for happiness and freedom from suffering.

This recording contains no edits or overdubs. The full live performance was professionally recorded on September 20, 2010 in Berkeley, California, approaching the full moon, and between the auspicious Indian holiday of Ganesh Chaturthi and Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday.

The Shruti Box is a beautiful, hand made, teak wood instrument. It is hand made in India by "Monoj Kumar Sardar & Bros, sons of Khagen Sardar" in Kolkata (Calcutta), India.

This particular shruti box contains thirteen individual reeds set up chromatically to make one full octave, from low C to high C. The reeds are called "Palitana" and are used in high quailty harmoniums. It is unusual to find this instrument with components of this quality. May your enjoyment of the music be increased accordingly.

This drone recording was made with the low and high C notes open, along with the G note as well. This makes for the pleasing drone interval of a "fifth". This is the traditional interval used as a background for classical Indian music (instrumental and vocal), as it creates a mystical and wonderful sonic carpet for contemplative pursuits. After a short while, your mind will settle into the majesty of the tone as you begin to hear the subtle harmonics that gently dance about the steady notes of the drone.

This particular drone is also the perfect sonic backdrop for meditation or yoga. When you relax and let the soothing sounds wash over you, you will begin to hear all sorts of interesting micro-tones that shimmer and change throughout the recording. These "harmonics" are the gift to the listener who takes the time to explore and discover the intricate worlds waiting within the deceptively simple sounds of the drone.

And since our thoughts themselves at their most basic level are also made up of subtle vibrations, the potent prayers that the performer concentrated upon and repeated throughout the recording process, you will also receive the added benefit of the positive energy vibrations that interact on a subtle level with the acoustics of the instrument.

One final note on the timing of the full recording. Why was 55 minutes chosen? Because it is a multiple of 11. In some spiritual traditions, 11 minutes correlates to time of a cycle of concentration for the mind and nervous system. So 55 minutes allows the mind to cycle deeper and deeper into relaxing concentration 5 times. You may start to notice these cycles for yourself when you practice for the full duration of the recording.

May this recording benefit all beings on our journeys towards peace, wholeness, and respect for all life.

Alex Jacobs, cSVMH
Professional Musician, Soundscaper, and Certified Sound Voice Music Healer

(Important- If you notice any sound "distortion" during playback from this web page, it is only a problem with the low quality "streaming" version of this track that you hear on the web site only. Your downloaded file will be much higher quality and will sound excellent and free of distortion).




released September 20, 2010
Performed by Alex Jacobs, certified sound healer.